Making Avatar Tile Invisible (Bitsy)

So, I keep experimrnting with Bitsy (v. 4.5)  engine, and I want to share one little trick I've discovered, while making this little game. It's about how to make the avatar tile invisible on a screen... well, at least to some degree. Like, for example, on the title screen of this game.

Basically, what I did is place the avatar and the sprite tiles in one place. In this case the sprite tile tends to cover up the avatar (I'm not sure if the sequence of placing plays any role). It may not look like it's working right in the editor, so try the compiled game to masure.

On the title screen I placed the exits in all four directions around avatar+sprite tile, so that every movement leads to transition without showing the avatar. I did the same with the Ctulhu's eye on other screens: avatar is always there, but covered with sprite's animation.

If you don't place exits/ends around the avatar+sprite tile, after movement avatar will leave the tile and become visible. Iwill not be able to go back, as well as it can't move to the neighbouring sprite tile from its avatar+sprite position.

I think, this trick can be utilized in many interesting ways, and I hope all this thing I just wrote will be useful for somebody.

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